Phoenix Tattoo Design and Picture Gallery

Phoenix Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryThe phoenix is ​​a mythical bird of fire in the folklore of different cultures, including those of the Egyptians, Arabs, Romans, Persians, Greeks, Indians and Chinese (among others). It is hard with the idea of ​​rebirth, renewal and immortality connected.
Phoenix Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryWhile Phoenix is ​​in the folklore of many cultures, the specificity of the Phoenix is ​​anything but constant. The Phoenix is ​​traditionally said to be from 500 to 1000 years. At the end of his life, builds a nest of twigs, which are then fired. The nest and birds are surrounded by flames, and finally reduced to ashes. But from these ashes a new phoenix is ​​born, and the cycle repeats. Depending on the particular history, the phoenix, the same or the descendants of the first.
Phoenix Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryIn China and Japan (where the phoenix is ​​called Fenghuang and Hou-or, respectively), the history of Phoenix is ​​very different. Conflicts and happiness to characterize the relationship, what many people see in their own relationships.Interestingly merge, unlike many tattoo designs – is closely filled with the dragon, both as lover and mortal enemy, a complex design with a good sense related aspects of artistic representations of the Phoenix on the traditional version of the Phoenix in Egypt and Rome, with which China and Japan, with distinctive and unique results.
Phoenix Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryThe phoenix is ​​represented in art in many ways. Fiery, bold colors – of course it’s usually mostly orange, dyed red and yellow. These observations emphasize the phoenix as a bird of fire and have the appearance of folklore about the meaning (of rebirth, renewal, etc.). But how often is a part of its nature and its plumage marked with a wide variety of colors, especially in the Asian-inspired designs.
Phoenix Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryThe reputation and the strange beauty of the feathers of the phoenix, the design is to enjoy the art and provide flexibility on the part of the artist – to go all the colors, basically. The bird itself varies between cultures and specific works of art. Performances ranging from high muzzle long neck birds of prey with a long tail feathers reminiscent of cranes and even peacocks.
Phoenix Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryAs already mentioned, Asia, the phoenix is ​​associated with the dragon, and many models, both as to use them as combat or in some models, a kind of lovers embrace are interpreted. It is often deliberately ambiguous, either fight or embrace – in fact, be a valid interpretation is that they do both simultaneously. Some models, on the other hand, is exactly in the opposite direction, turning the traditional work on his head and go for a minimalist approach. This particular design chosen for the colorful tail feathers, and then adds a flame in the breast of the bird to identify it as a phoenix.
Phoenix Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryAs the tribal design for this style also refrain from the use of color in total (rare in Phoenix Design), and derives its most distinctive feature of the tail feathers of a peacock is much like many other drawings. This design offers a long, fluid, and the feeling that although the site – packed shoulder to the waist and abdomen.

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