Mexican Tattoo Design and Picture Gallery

Mexican Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryMexico or the United Mexican States is a Republic of the United States of America, Guatemala and Belize, and the Pacific. The Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico are limited. With a population estimated at more than 111 million, there are many, many people of Mexican descent living in Mexico and the world. Tattoo’s proud display of cultural and traditional heritage are a growing part of the culture of tattooing and body modification community. Mexican tattoos are collected from a variety of styles from different regions along the Mexican culture.
Mexican Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryMexican tattoos often represent the country of Mexico, as it is now, immigrants and emigrants, both tattoos of the Mexican flag, the golden eagle, military insignia, maps, place names or national emblems. Like the bald eagle in the United States, the eagle is the symbol of Mexico. It is a protected species and is often used in ceremonies. Mexican tattoos are often a combination of different elements to create a tattoo to be a patriot. Map of Mexico could be partially covered by the Mexican flag and Soaring Eagle. Family, particularly those of Mexican history are sometimes included in tattoos. This shows that the carriers are proud of their family and their country, they are proud of where they came, and they remain true to their roots.
Mexican Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryMaya and Aztec tattoo designs are among the Aztecs or Mayan descent, the descent Mexican general, and those who just admire these famous natives. The Aztec and Mayan art and symbolism of these tattoo’s tattoo designs to create groups. Gods and goddesses, religious beliefs, artifacts and architecture of all applications, particularly those aspects that are exclusively or representative. A familiar aspect of the culture of the Aztecs to participate in the live human sacrifices. During these rituals, it was at the heart of the victim’s chest cut while they are still alive. For this reason, ceremonial knives and daggers, sometimes bloody, play an important role in the Mexican Aztec-inspired tattoos. Gods are so iconic and obscure, often in collaboration with the elements, they regularly as the Sun Other popular symbols are fighters, weapons, armor, sculpture, stone work and numbers.
Mexican Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryThe majority of Mexico is Catholic, and as such. Catholic and other Christian images are important in Mexican tattoos. While the Virgin Mary is an important figure for all Catholics, Mexico and the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico Catholics, in particular. Often in dreams and visions, the Virgin probably tattooed Mexican religious figure. The Virgin of Guadalupe is often a darker complexion to reflect the standards of the country, and is generally gloomy, with his face down and a halo (halo or the whole body) radiates around them. Other popular tattoos are religious in Mexico crosses the angels, Christ, rosaries, crucifixes, religious texts and nails.
Mexican Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryLike many people from Mexico who now lives in the United States or other countries a lot of racism and studies, INS, or La Migra tattoos and gaining experience are the rights of workers in popularity of tattoos. INS workers, migrations are known because they operate on the border between Mexico and the United States to keep it. Especially in regions and cities along the border, the INS to do their work, and despised the limitation of the flow of illegal immigrants. Many people get tattoos of their aversion to the INS, with tattoos of memory and recall the portraits of those who were deported or those who are still back in Mexico expressed. Employees are often the United States and send money to Mexico for his family, who still resides there for support. Even in America, tattoos may express their right to work, much of Cesar Chavez, a defender of the rights of workers and the symbol of the movement embodies. Other revolutionary leaders are also presented in Mexican tattoos.
Mexican Tattoo Design and Picture GalleryIt said Mexican holiday and the day of the dead tattoo designs are popular. The Day of the Dead is a holiday that combines Christian and pagan traditions, and is marked by celebrations and festivities. The family is very important in Latin American culture, and Mexico is no exception. The Day of the Dead is a time for family and friends, relatives and ancestors who have died to celebrate the links with the past and the memories of those who preceded them. Today holiday in the communities around the world celebrated. Day of the Dead tattoos often has art as a representative of this celebration. Skulls with bright colors and beautiful patterns are furnished in connection with these days. The skulls are usually too abstract or stylized images and some of the most tattooed Mexican.

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