Gallery Tattoo Of Viking Tattoos Design

One of the most popular tattoo Viking are supposed to represent a true Viking warrior. If you are to get a tattoo nordic, you would probably like to have an image of something real, historically accurate. Then take all the drawings, in which the Normans wore helmets with horns. Such a presentation of a bar Scandinavian grown popular as late as the 19th century.

The only surviving authentic helmet that dates back to Viking times, was found in Gjermundby, Norway, and it has no horns. Nordic warriors were very practical people and their weapons designs were usually fairly simple. They appreciated the ease of use, no spectacular effects. It is true that there are some pictures that represent Viking helmets ceremony with two protrusions ending with birds or snakes’ heads, but they are completely different and were not used in battle.

The same goes for the wings. Helmets with wings is not historical. The Vikings did not use them. A tattoo designs are quite popular Valkyrie wings based on Max Payne movie. In the movies people see as masculine Valkyries demonic creatures with wings. The fact is that in Norse mythology, Valkyries are wingless female deities. They have been portrayed as a drinking horn server that warriors go to Valhalla, a place where courageous people came after their death.

The other thing to keep in authentic Viking tattoo designs is the dual mass ax. The axes used by the Normans were rather light and used one hand. In the transition from the era of the Vikings in the Middle Ages, Scandinavians also used the ax, said Dane, who was important, but not double. No double-edged ax was found in medieval Europe.

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